The Next Round of RCF Applications Will Open in Fall 2017
  1. Basic Descriptive information:
    a. Name, contact info, credentials, institutional affiliation, professional bio, brief statement regarding related teaching/work experience.

  2. Personal Statement of interest:
    a. 300 word max.
    b. Key points to address may include: a.) interest level in improving communication and facilitation skills, b.) self-assessment which demonstrates personal awareness related to communication and facilitation skills, and c.) relevant personal/professional aspirations

  3. AACH faculty member statement of support:  
    a. Applicant will send an email request to the AACH faculty member and provide an online submission link: statement of support online submission
    b. AACH faculty member will have worked directly with the applicant in an ENRICH learning group (or other relevant environment). 

  4. Institutional statement of support:
    a. Applicant will obtain support from their local institutional leader to confirm that the applicant has discussed the RCF program.
     - Details:
         - Appropriate statements of support may come from various sources such as any Executive Level Support (CMO, CEO, VP OF --), Patient experience leader, Department Chair, etc.
         - The applicant need not be a fully employed member of the institution but must have a credible affiliation to ensure that they can gather audiences of participants who will attend a local                    workshop hosted by the applicant (as final phase of certification).
    b. Applicant will  send an email request to the leader and provide an online submission link: statement of support online submission

    Questions? Contact Laura Cooley 
    RCF Program Directors: Lynn O'Neill or Kara Myers 


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