Change is in Our Hands

February 15-20, 2015

Montreat Center  |  Asheville, North Carolina

How can we achieve our vision of “better healthcare through better communication?” In the dynamic health care climate, AACH is uniquely positioned not only to respond to change but also to generate it.  The relationship-centered communication skills that form the foundation of our approach to facilitation and personal awareness are powerful tools for promoting cultural and systemic change that supports our organizational vision.  At Winter Course 2015, we will deepen our individual and collective capacity as change agents, building upon our existing resources and further exploring the potential of alliance across diverse perspectives. We will explore the connection between the more internal, reflective personal-awareness work that is a great strength of AACH and the facilitation and communication skills that can help us implement AACH’s vision of “improving communication and relationships in healthcare.” 

2015 Winter Course Features: 2015 Winter Course Planning Committee:  
  • FIT skills sessions focusing on small group facilitation
  • Faculty project groups focusing on a range of faculty-selected topics
  • Personal awareness/learning groups
  • Workshops
  • Crossover Groups
  • Large group sessions

Kara Myers (Co-Director)
Tim Gilligan (Co-Director)
Mary Ann Gilligan (Relationship Manager)
Peter Barnett
Sally Fortner
Stephanie Harman
Michael Nathan
Craig Roth


The Winter Course is reserved for current AACH Faciliators-in-Training (FITs) and AACH faculty.  Guests may be invited based on course enrollment.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

·     Identify and prioritize opportunities for change advocacy within one's home institution and for AACH at the organizational level

·     Identify personal and collective resources that support our success as advocates of change within the healthcare system

·     Explore the application of personal-awareness work and relationship centered communication skills to leadership roles and to the initiation and facilitation of team- and system-based change processes

·     Develop strategies to form and deepen alliances across diverse perspectives, backgrounds and experiences in pursuit of a more inclusive common vision

·     Develop skill in outcome identification and designing for accountability

Faculty Development Track
Announcing an alternative “faculty development” track for the AACH 2015 Winter Course

Rather than participate in traditional learning groups or workshops offered at Winter Course, faculty in this track will spend up to six hours each day in assessment and training activities related to delivering workshops on communication skills for healthcare providers. Faculty enrolled in this track will still attend the large group sessions and crossover groups each day that are a standard part of Winter Course.  The faculty development track will allow faculty to undergo ample opportunities to practice and receive peer feedback on platform and facilitation skills. Successful completion (though not guaranteed) may result in prioritized selection for AACH external courses. Although this track is more focused on tangible skills, faculty will also find opportunities to foster personal awareness as an embedded part of this workshop experience. For more information, visit the Faculty Development Track page.


February 15-20, 2015

Montreat Center  |  Asheville, North Carolina

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