Faculty and FITs at the 2010 ENRICH Course in Providence, R.I.

AACH Faculty are dedicated to better healthcare through better communication.  Each AACH faculty member has completed the Facilitator-in-Training Program or is a founding member of the organization.

There are a growing number of external education opportunities for AACH faculty to lead custom, on-site workshops on behalf of the Academy.  To be considered for selection, click here to read the faculty selection process.

Current Faculty

Hoover Adger

Bob Arnold

Randy Barker

Peter Barnett

Howard Beckman

James Bell

Julian Bird

Steve Borowsky

Donald Brady

Bill Branch

Cecile Carson

Danelle Cayea

Calvin Chou

Carol Chou

Bill Clark

Nan Cochran

Karan Cole

Steven Cole

Julie Crosson

Denise Davis

France Doyle

Douglas Drossman

Dan Duffy

Pam Duke

Barry Egener

Ronald Epstein

John Fasolino

Tom Feagin

Jim Florek

Auguste Fortin

Sharon Foster

Rich Frankel

Mary Fry

Timothy Gilligan

Mary Ann Gilligan

Gary Glober

Michael Goldstein

Geoffrey Gordon

Catherine Gracey

Howard Graman

Ed Gramlich

David Gullen

Mary Beth Happ

Mariana Hewson

Krista Hirschmann

Tom Huff 

Norm Jensen

Adina Kalet

Hans Kallerup

Craig Kaplan

Maysel Kemp White

Dave Kern

Ryan Laponis

Renato Lenzi

Brenda Lepisto

Nancy Levine

Wendy Levinson

Jenni Levy

Peter Lichstein

Mack Lipkin

Margaret Little

Beth Lown

Rosalind Mance

Kathy McGrail

Jonel Miklea

Gary Mitchell

Carol Mostow

Kara Myers

Michael Nathan

Dennis Novack

Kenneth Olson

Lynn O'Neill

Luca Oppizzi

Theodore Parran

Ellen Pearlman

Michael Peltenburg

Linda Pololi

Sam Putnam

Timothy Quill

Neda Ratanawongsa

Cathy Risdon

Craig Roth

Marla Rowe Gorosh

Ronald Saizow

Mary Beth Salama

William Salazar

Sheira Schlair

Scott Sherman

Rob Shochet

Jeanette Shorey

Rober Smith

Stuart Sprague

David Steele

Siri Steine

Anthony Suchman

Kevin Taylor

Peter Weissmann

Geof Williams

Sarah Williams

Penny Williamson

Brownwyn Wilson

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