Relationship-Centered Communication Facilitators Program


The AACH's Relationship-Centered Communication Facilitators Program (RCF) is a program to develop future facilitators. Participants who successfully complete the RCF program will be recognized as “AACH Facilitators." Graduates of the RCF program will receive a certificate of completion along with permission to facilitate future AACH programs on behalf of their sponsoring institution. The RCF program is the pre-requisite track for individuals who may wish to apply to the AACH Faculty-in-Training (FIT) program. Entry to the FIT program will be available as an option upon completion of the RCF program. Please review details and application processes below.


  • Pre-requisite: Applicants must have attended an AACH ENRICH course or an AACH 1-day course facilitated by an AACH faculty member.
  • RCF Application Process: All application materials will be submitted through the online submission form
  • Submission deadline: September 30, 2017
  • Notification: The Review committee will notify applicants approximately one month after the submission deadline.





Questions? Contact Laura Cooley
RCF Program Directors: Lynn O'Neill or Kara Myers 

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