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Program Documents  
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Program Content: Domains, EPAs, Microskills To be used as a reference for prospective and current FITs, as well as Faculty to be used when determining whether a FIT has demonstrated the required skills for successful advancement through the program or graduation from the program.
Request for Letter of Support from: To be used by those applying to the FIT program or for current FITs wishing to advance or graduate from the program.  Each linked letter template outlines exactly what the letter writer needs to address.
Learning Plan Template To be submitted by those applying to the FIT program or for current FITs wishing to advance or graduate from the program.
Sample Learning Plan To be used as a reference/guide for completing one's own learning plan.
Letter of Agreement To be submitted by all FITs upon acceptance into the FIT program, acknowledging and agreeing to the terms of the program.
Suggested Reading List To be used as a guide for finding relevant literature to read during the FIT program.  Note: A log of items read is required for each annual review. 
ENRICH-related Documents Purpose/Use
FIT/Guide Evaluation To be submitted by FITs and their Guide when the FIT wishes to advance or graduate from the program
ENRICH Co-facilitation Form To be submitted by FITs and their Guide immediately after ENRICH. 
Small Group Openings and Closings
Foolproof Guide to Running Role Plays
Challenges to Group Facilitation
Stages of Group Development Slide
Stages of Group Development Chart
Matrix Handouts
To be used as resources when preparing to co-facilitate at ENRICH.
Policies & Procedures  
Grievance Procedure To be used when seeking mediation for grievances.
Leave of Absence Agreement Form To be submitted when requesting a leave of absence from the FIT program.
Withdrawal Agreement Form To be submitted when officially withdrawing from the FIT program.


Grievance Procedure

It is expected that faculty Guides and FITs will occasionally become dissatisfied with the other's performance as a result of it being a close relationship with important mutual expectations. It is also expected that problems can and will usually be resolved by early and direct communication between the FIT and faculty Guide using skills we collectively hold as important. Problems will also be addressed through discussions between the FIT, the Guide and the FIT committee. The FIT committee and co-directors will monitor the progress of FIT-Guide pairs annually to insure that standards of excellence are met. Occasionally, one or both parties will wish for mediation from a third party.

Appendix VIII explains how FITs, Guides/faculty, or both can request mediation.

Leaves of Absence/Withdrawal

Occasionally, trainees discover that other demands or a change in professional interests require that they suspend or stop training. Forms to be utilized in the event of a formalized leave of absence or withdrawal from the program can be found in Appendix VI and Appendix VII and should be submitted to the FIT Committee for review and approval.

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