Small Groups
Because our skills are indelibly linked to what we bring to interpersonal interactions as unique individuals, personal awareness work is a unique learning opportunity offered at this course.  A significant portion of the course is dedicated to learning group time, in which attendees are placed in small groups facilitated by ACH faculty. Attendees remain in the same learning group for the entire course, so relationships are formed and the absence of any group member can negatively affect the cohesion of the group.  Skipping sessions or leaving early has proven to dramatically take away from an individual's experience at the course, and also the experience of their group members.  For this reason, all attendees are strongly encouraged to attend and full participate in ALL sessions for the entire course.  

The goal of these learning groups is to provide a learner-centered venue where each participant will clarify her/his own learning goals in interpersonal and communication skills, personal awareness, and reflection. Trained ACH facilitators and fellow group participants will collaborate to fashion exercises that will help accomplish those goals. These goals may involve enhancing one’s relationships with patients, colleagues, or other team members; processing through challenges in interpersonal relationships and formulating approaches for further management; or, for intact teams that may come to the course, understanding and improving the team‐building process and team function. These groups have low learner to faculty ratios and present a unique opportunity to address challenging communication scenarios, to practice skills learned in course workshops, and to receive feedback from faculty and peers.  In the learning groups, learner safety is key to support learning.